28-JUL 13:38 [+1200]: I seem to be on some thread in Aussie, hello Australia.
Fellow Aussies: You guys may be interest in this page also.
It was for this auction.
All photos are of the actual machine.

Click on most images to see higher resolution pictures

To view the auction of the pinball machine on TradeMe click HERE.

Cabinet view:

Detail of the hidden cannon firing:

The backglass, click to see the detail:

Top cannon shooting back after "broadside" scored:

Some snapshots of the display:

The playfield, click on this and explore the gaming area:

Whirlpool off one of the ramps:

The original promotional leaflet, lots of info:

The back of the leaflet:

The copy of the manual:

Detail of the cabinet (click for good views):

Detail of the cabinet (click for good views):

Detail of the cabinet (click for good views):

Additional Noted Blemishes

On the back box on the right hand side there had been something hot against the edge of the platic trim.
This has melted a 15mm x 37mm blemish.

I've pushed the brightness up to help "see" the black on black.

I've had the machine for over 2 years and had completely forgotten that at some point prior to me someone must have re-welded
part of the cannon rail extension (circled). While whoever it was did a fair job, it's not entirely invisible:

Additional Noted Improvements

(That is where my weekend went... :)

Happy bidding and please feel free to ask questions or for particulair views of anything.

An example question might be: "Do you have all the keys, both for the coin door and the backbox?"
To which my answer would be: "Yep, 2 sets of keys for both".

Another question might be: "I know nothing about the maintainence of pinball machines. Is there someone who I can call?"
My answer would be "There are 3 names and phone numbers that I can give you for people in Auckland."

Kind regards... Clark

People asked for this style of shot so I yeilded and did one. You get to see a bit of me & our lounge too!
See if you can spot the camera, click HERE to see it (image contrast & brighness enhanced).