Mousin' Around Pinball on TradeMe

All photos are of the actual machine.

Click on images to see 5x bigger views.

To view the auction of the pinball machine on TradeMe please click HERE.

If you would like a photo of anything in particular please ask in the auction and I'll put the photos up here.
Even better please inspect and try it out for yourself.


Right hand side view:

Playfield player view:

Original promotional flyer front:

Original promotional flyer rear (good info. here, please read):

Original manual (includes circuit diagrams):

Playfield, plan view:

Cabinet left view:

Cabinet front view:

Fri Aug 4 21:28:58 NZST 2006
Oh, I forgot that since I took the photos of the machine I've replaced all the bolts & levelers with nice new shiny ones.
In the photos of the machine above it has the original old bolts and levelers but they actually are now as photographed below.
Again, these are photos of the actual machine.

The bolts:

The levelers: